• Nicole LeGrange

Saturday, May 7, 2022

§ Lucky Number (s) – 7, 14, 21

§ Color – Green

§ Family

§ Career

Two of Pentacles

± Maintaining Balance

± Cycling Energy

± Flowing

± Resources

§ How do you manage your resources?

§ What do you do when you have many commitments and responsibilities but very little time, energy, or finances?

  • Life always pulls us in many directions. Acknowledge this. But prioritize. What do you value most?

§ Observe Nature – she is the ultimate guide to dynamic balance. No energy is wasted. She trades sunlight for leaves, decaying carcasses for new life. Flowers give nectar to butterflies, while butterflies five the flowers the possibility for reproduction. Everything finds equilibrium.

§ Balance Needs – make sure your needs & needs of others are both met. Through this, we find a healthy exchange of giving & receiving.

Page of Wands

± Enthusiastic

± Energetic

± Adventurer

± Possibilities

± Explorer

§ Full of curiosity & excitement for life – everything has potential, each person, each thing, and each opportunity is the chance to explore something new, to learn, and to find adventure.

§ Can you let this spark inside of you IGNITE?

§ Take calculated risks – we block things off when too cautious. New worlds are out there – can you be spontaneous & daring?

§ Experiment – try out new ideas – each can hold the potential for a great new passion.

§ Say “YES” – every person you meet is an opportunity to make a new friend, and every visit to a new place has the potential to become an adventure. OPEN YOUR HEART TO UNIMMAGINABLE THINGS!

Ñ The Magician – Reversed

± Scattered

± Distracted

± Trickster

± Illusions

± Charlatan

§ Healthy ambition can become ruthless manipulation. Stop and take a moment to remember the foundations of your desire. As you lose focus, are you tending to do things that are not aligned with your values & principles? Are you misusing your talents when you get blinded by aspirations? Get back in touch with your TRUE DESIRES – they will lead you.

§ Remember Your Purpose – why you do what you do can bring clarity and direction as you realign with your BEST SELF. Perhaps you had to make a compromise along the way. You could be making career of life decisions now that don’t serve your TRUE purpose – get back in touch with your original intentions.

§ Simplify Your Approach – when you know what you want, you can begin clearing away distractions. Too many things at once – consider the tasks that you can let go of that won’t detract from your overall goal.

Ñ The Tower

± Destruction

± Collapse

± Sudden Change

± Crisis

± Perceived Disaster

± Purification

§ Accept that stagnant structures have to be dismantles so that what is broken can be purged and create the ground for something stronger – including ideologies – this may be painful and chaotic, but necessary in order to clear the path.

§ Our desire to feel safe can conflict with the truth of what is happening outside, so we build thicker walls and build upward, taking us further from that truth. Are you in denial? What outdated beliefs and delusions must crumble?

§ Cast a Critical Eye – reexamine your life and what changes need to be made. It IS possible to get ahead of the crisis and prepare yourself for the transformation.

§ Trust – the dissolution of our core beliefs is not an easy card to deal with, but it must happen. Trust that this is for a reason.

§ Observe Destruction – destruction & creatin exist in a balance. To deny one, would stifle the other. In a moment of anger, maybe you smashed something. Think of how you felt afterward…

Ñ Queen of Swords

± Integrity

± Principles

± Perceptive

± Severe

± Aloof

± Truth

§ How can we unite logic with feeling? When you have extreme emotions, can you just pause & try to observe them, as if observing another person?

· How can you apply logic to your feelings so that you can channel them for the best possible outcome?

§ Face The Truth – HONESTY, OPENESS, & FAIRNESS – regardless of how painful it can be, face up to any difficult truths.

§ Balance Emotion with Logic – an awareness of feelings can aid communication and moral action. Let your words and actions come from empathy, but ever stray from the truth.

§ Let Your Mind Be Free – new doors are open when you allow your mind to remain free. Keep an open mind and don’t let the judgment of others restrict your outlook.

Make today YOUR day.

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